For us, Test Engineering starts at the same time as the project. Already at the outset we determine the requirements to be fulfilled by your software or applications and establish a consistent test management. This enables us to systematically detect faults in good time, saving cost and time. As part of our integral approach we believe it to be important for all requirements of your project to be verifyable.

Due to our long-standing experience in Test Engineering we are able to assist you with the selection of your test strategy. Where required, we can support you in setting up an automated test environment.

Our intensive support for the project from the outset ensures that all requirements for your project will be fulfilled.

Commissioning / initial start-up

Commissioning involves all activities required for making a plant or system operational. We check the function and setting (adjustment) of individual components and optimise the setting of the overall plant in accordance with the planned schedule.

Initial start-up – the first operation of a complex plant including its components and systems – starts, for instance, at the beginning of a test operation or after handover of the plant.

We assist and support our clients during the entire start-up process. We ensure that the start-up is planned in good time and is coordinated between the responsible interfaces. We also take care of the required data and document management.