Our systems engineering uses a multidisciplinary, standardized approach to develop and implement complex technical systems in large-scale projects. It allows us to consider the technical, economic and social requirements of all stakeholders and is based on requirement engineering guidelines.

Systems engineering integrates, planning, implementation, testing and handling of complex systems in a single process. We determine the system limits, system elements and relationships between the system elements. To ensure the best possible success for the project, we are in constant contact with the client's experts.

Measurement and control technology

Optimum building automation is essential for an economical and ecological operation of buildings. Technological developments considerably increase the scope, complexity and safety of industrial plants. Measurement and control technology is an important tool for the safe operation of such plants.

Apart from the central tool of measurement and control technology, close involvement of all parties involved is decisive. We coordinate with all relevant contractors and consider the individual requirements of the owner. As a result, we can provide a tailor-made solution regarding.

  • consultation
  • planning
  • project planning
  • tendering
  • new installation
  • expansion
  • and system optimisation