Developing software programs to solve complex tasks takes months or even years and often requires experts from different fields. You can save yourself this time-consuming use of resources. We implement the software requirements of our customers efficiently and in a structured manner. During the development process we regularly coordinate with our customers and check the fulfillment of the goals. We support them from the specification of the requirements and the creation of the concept to the programming and implementation.

Our quality requirements are based on correctness, usability, efficiency, robustness, comprehensibility and maintainability. Not without reason we are the proud bearer of the label swiss made software, which stands for high quality software development.

Software Development & ICT Security

Protection against cyberattacks on corporate and administrative networks is a crucial success factor for companies and administrations. It is difficult to find specialists for ICT security tasks and to ensure that the appropriate measures are taken right from the start. That's why our experts advise them during the development of the new product to find and implement the most suitable ICT security measures for their environment.

Customized applications

Together with our customers, we develop software with the goal of simplifying everyday work. Therefore, in addition to a flexible architecture, the focus is always on the user.

We integrate the solutions developed in this way into existing system landscapes, thereby optimizing our customers' processes and reach. Our solutions are individual, but always user-friendly, fast and easy to expand.

Our software - such as a multifunctional plan management tool that includes the modules document management system (DMS), coordination plans and inspection orders - is used by our customers and employees on a daily basis and optimized on a regular basis. The same applies to our client/server application, which we make available to employees and customers. Therefore, we know only too well the flexibility required in scheduling, resource and cost planning. This enables us to integrate the knowledge gained from practical experience into our software development. Additional information about our software can be found under Products.