«Only the best is good enough for us»

We offer our clients our best performance at all times and are able to ensure this due to the long-standing experience of our staff and international certification of our core competencies. The aim of the certifying bodies is provide transparency as regards quality requirements and to increase and ensure the level of professionalism. Our employees are certified by the International Project Management Association (IPMA), Systems Engineering Professional Certification (INCOSE) and by the International Requirement Engineering Board (IREB).

The basic knowledge gained from these international certifications is constantly elaborated, optimised and applied with the aid of regular internal training, workshops and as part of the Project System Engineering Process. In addition, the quality of our processes is also ensured by internal audits. The process-standards are recorded in the PSE Management manual.

Project Management Certification

IPMA certification

The internationally recognised Project Management certification based on IPMA guidelines, is available for persons wishing to demonstrate sound knowledge and practical experience of project management. The certification is also useful for companies, administrations and other organisations, wishing to verify the project management competence of their staff for their customers. Certification is available at IPMA Level A (Certified Projects Director), B (Certified Senior Project Manager), C (Certified Project Manager) or D (Certified Project Management Associate).

Advantages of certification

For certified persons

  • Verification of competences based on IPMA Competence Guideline (Swiss NCB)
  • Verification of project management know-how and experience as personal track record
  • Internationally recognized project management certificate

For companies and other organisations

  • Verification of project management competence for clients
  • Securing of a competitive advantage
  • Establishing a quality standard and a project management career path within the company

For clients

  • more certainty when awarding contracts
  • higher professional competence of contractors