Project System Engineering Software

The Project System Engineering software allows you, the Project Manager, Sub-project Manager or System Engineer, to focus on the managerial tasks. It reduces the administrative work in the long term by up to 30 percent. Planning, recording of project phases, milestones, work packages, reports, responsibilities and competencies are standardised. This standardisation with mandatory basic guidelines produces a higher quality of project management and increases the success of a project.

Recorded changes in the course of a project are automatically updated due to anchored dependencies. Users of all stages thus receive the latest project development status and trend analyses to milestones, risks and costs. This constantly adapted fundamental information allows Project Managers to make the correct managerial decisions and increase the success of the project.

The integrated Portfolio Management as link between Project Planning and Project Development allows a quantity and quality comparison of all projects within a company, using the same benchmark. This allows those responsible to correctly prioritise and make the appropriate decisions.

The persons involved in the project and their knowledge are centrally organised. This ensures the best possible use of resources. The software also simplifies communication with the different persons involved in the project.

The Project System Engineering software was created from practical application and is based on long-standing experience. And in order to ensure that not only those involved in the project are updated but also the software, we constantly optimise the project management process in the software.

Skill Management Software

Your project requires persons with specific abilities. The PSE Skill Management software allows you to find the employees of your company most suited for the project. The PSE Skill Management software allows you to record and categorise your employees, in particular your Project Managers, Sub-project Managers and employees involved in the project, and to assess their project management experience.

The practical experience of employees involved in the project is automatically added to the database with the recording of all projects and across several projects. This allows you to monitor the development of the abilities of your employees and to always access the latest know-how level.  Abilities of employees can thus be compared, allowing optimum use of these abilities in various projects. This increases the success of the project.

The PSE Skill Management software removes gaps and weak parts in the Project management know-how of employees. This allows specific and thus cost-saving training of employees. Your employees are automatically categorised into levels A, B, C or D of the International Project Management Association (IPMA) or into different levels of the Project Management Institute (PMI) database depending on their experience and project management know-how.

Stakeholder Management Software

Companies and projects are always embedded in a social, political and economic environment. These environments and their representatives, the stakeholders, exercise their influence on the company, which can be beneficial or hindering. In the worst case, the influence of Stakeholders can even cause the failure of a project or company. It is therefore essential to take into consideration the requirements of the Stakeholders in Stakeholder Management in order to prevent negative influences on the company and projects.

The PSE Stakeholder Management software allows you to focus on analysing Stakeholders, implementing measures for satisfying their requirements, communicating with Stakeholders and periodic observation of Stakeholders and their relationship to each other. The PSE software records each Stakeholder in categories according to their evaluation and prioritisation. This allocation allows a communication adapted to the requirements of the Stakeholders. In the standardised communication plan you define the information requirements of the stakeholders, how and with what grouping and in which time interval communication takes place. Due to the standardised and central administration, you as the Stakeholder Manager are able to observe all Stakeholders influencing your companies and your projects. This allows you to immediately detect potential conflicts of interest and take early action.

Risk Management Software

Risk Management is a centralised task, decisive for the existence of your company. Risk Management creates values in your company, is part of all organisational processes and assists with decisions. As part of this process, company risks and project risks must be identified and evaluated based on ISO 31000 and suitable measures for minimising risk must be determined. In this way, not only are statutory accounting requirements complied with but you are also well protected against risks.

The PSE Risk Management software standardises Risk Management, allowing you to concentrate on the analysis of risks, the implementation of measures for minimising risks, communicating with and satisfying affected Stakeholders and periodic monitoring of risks. The software categorises every risk, recoding it with a loss amount. At the same time it stipulates measures for minimising risk and the residual risks. A risk owner is defined for every identified risk and its constant monitoring and checking. The central administration of all risks allows you the Risk Manager to review and assess all risks in your company and projects, detect sources of risk and intervene early in case of any deviations.

Action Item Management Software

Changes in dates, changed responsibilities, Outlook entries and notes increase during the course of a project. To update different Excel tables containing unresolved and resolved action items and respective inputs requires considerable time. The larger the project the greater the danger of loosing the overview. As soon as you start working on different projects these factors multiply and it is not surprising that some things are not passed on or carried out twice.

The PSE Action Item software prevents all of the above. It standardises the management of action items. This allows you to focus on the analysis and periodic monitoring of action items, the implementation of measures for achieving the goal and communication with Stakeholders ay you see fit. It only requires a few clicks to update the status of any action items, saving time. Every employee can enter action items and allocate these to themselves or other responsible and deputising employees. Action items are assigned a weighting and a milestone of the project. The status of a selected action item is recorded with the "Progress" function. A status report of the individual action items and of the entire project can be called up at any time. Changes in the categorisation of action items, milestone conflicts or other discrepancies and bottlenecks can be recognised immediately and remedied at an early stage.

The central administration allows you, the Action Item Manager to keep an overview of all action items of your company and projects at all times, recognise risks immediately and to intervene at an early stage in case of any deviations.