Apart from providing the specified contents, project management also focuses on meeting scheduled deadlines and costs. Within our project team, we assign tasks, responsibilities and competences and coordinate the process. We monitor the progress of the project and whether tasks have are fulfilled. Clients are informed immediately about any deviations to the project implementation. Together with our clients we set priorities and adapt the project implementation.

All our staff are trained in accordance with the guidelines of International Project Management Association (IPMA) and have attained IPMA level C or B certification, requiring long-term experience in complex large-scale projects.

Overall Project Management

As Overall Project Managers we manage projects for our clients. We are the single contact point and provide the interface between the owner and the planning team. As experienced Overall Project Managers we constantly monitor the entire project and implement the interests of the owner and client as a neutral party. An important aspect of this function is networked thinking and a well-developed ability to coordinate and communicate. Together with the required professional and project management know-how, we are able to successfully complete even complex projects. We rely on our staff of trained Project Managers with years of experience in large-scale projects.

Project Management Office (PMO)

The Project Management Office (PMO) supports the business process owners and the project management. It coordinates and arranges appointments, prepares minutes and coordinates communication between project participants. Preparing meetings and presentations is another task of the PMO, as well as project documentation and the correct filing of documents in the filing system. The PMO ensures that the project management system is applied consistently and sustainably. A smooth project flow is guaranteed by the comprehensive support of the project management by the Project Management Office.

IT Project Manager

The IT project manager has the main responsibility for the management and realization of our complex projects. He coordinates and organizes the tasks and employees in the IT area. His responsibilities include chairing meetings, meeting deadlines and costs, and ensuring quality and customer requirements are met. The IT Project Manager is responsible for project planning, resource planning, budgeting and regular reporting. In addition, he/she is in close contact with our customers, is oriented towards their needs and monitors adherence to the planning.

As an experienced and highly trained employee, he pays attention to the successful implementation of innovative product development and continuous improvement. The IT Project Manager sets priorities, organizes the allocation and creation of tasks and is always concerned about the correct distribution of competencies in order to achieve the best possible result. He keeps all stakeholders informed about progress, deviations and the status of his projects. The customer's satisfaction is always important to him.

Owner representation

As the owner’s representative, the Project Manager assumes the role of the client, representing his interests in dealings with the authorities, companies and parties. He is the sole contact point for architects, engineers and companies. We support and relieve the owner during all phases of the project, by organising, structuring and optimising the varied day-to-day running of the project.

Apart from professional competence, representing the owner requires considerable negotiation and communication skills as well considerable assertiveness. As we aim to recognise and implement the requirements of the owner, close contact to the owner as well as an open and honest communication are of utmost importance for us. Together we can thus make the impossible possible.


The BIM coordinators, together with the BIM manager, assume responsibility for the success of a BIM project. The BIM project team supports the overall project management with its expertise in the field of digital construction and implementation in real construction. The function of the BIM coordinator requires a high level of expertise as well as in-depth knowledge of the BIM-enabled systems used. In addition, there is the operation of the systems for model verification and model coordination. The tasks of a BIM coordinator include the creation of coordination models from partial and specialist models as well as their validation and verification.

Head of Implementation Planning

Implementation planning provides the basis for the correct and professional implementation of a project.

According to the SIA, our Implementation Manager is responsible for coordinating and managing the implementation planning. He generates a planning record that is released for the construction. For this purpose, the preceding design is revised in such a way that the building project can be implemented.

During the entire implementation planning process, we constantly liaise with engineers, product manufacturers and executing companies in order to clarify all detailed questions and to jointly produce a precise planning basis.

Assessment / controlling of site (Project Controlling)

Building work must be constantly assessed and documented throughout the construction phase, as components of the work are often no longer visible and assessable at a later stage. The provided work is jointly assessed and signed off by the construction management and the respective building companies. Although the building company is responsible for the data, the data is monitored by the construction management. Based on this, the company issues a payment request with the construction management being responsible for checking the correctness of the request.

Our experienced staff supports our clients with assessing and controlling the construction site and guarantees the correct and traceable documentation of the provided services.