Logging of inspections, defects and facts with DokPro

Course content

Topic Description
Logging made easy - Basics
- Protocol process (initialization, preparation, execution, post-processing)
- Dokpro Protocol Templates
- Create findings of fact
- Create inspection protocols
- Create defect protocols
- Create evidence for defect rectification
- Team exercises
Basics - Dokpro
- Motivation
- Installer, fire protection expert, site manager, specialist planner, senior site manager, building owner, etc.
- Please bring already created protocols from your daily practice for assessment and discussion.


Topic Description
Degree Course confirmation
Price / Participant 20% introductory discount, instead of CHF 560.- now only CHF 448.-
Duration 1 Day, 8 Lessons
Minimum number of participants 6
Course location Rothenburg or by arrangement with the customer
Aim of the course Increase quality, save time & costs with DokPro.