IBM Rational DOORS Training

Especially in complex and large projects, in which a wide variety of companies are involved, it is difficult to gain and maintain an overview of the various requirements. It is more than annoying when in the end a part of your requirements is not or only partially fulfilled because they were forgotten in the amount of requirements and work or nobody noticed that the requirements contradict each other and therefore could not be fulfilled that way. Rectifying what was missed is often more difficult, costly and lengthy than if it had been taken into account from the very beginning. Therefore PSE Solution GmbH works with the Requirement Tracing System (RTS) in their system engineering projects. This saves nerves, costs and time. Last but not least, RTS enables us and our customers to have an overview of the still open as well as the completed requirements at any time.

Our staff will train you in the use of RTS so that you can ensure at all times that all requirements in your project are taken into account and fulfilled. It thus saves you from mistakes and unpleasant surprises and helps you to meet the time and cost targets.